Sports Massage

sports massage for those looking to improve performance, recovery times, or prevent injury. 


30 minute massage - £25

45 minute massage - £35Sports Massage

55 minute massage - £45

Discounts are available for block bookings and provision at sporting events.

If you are undecided how long you may need, typically a back massage takes 30 mins, legs front & back takes 45 mins and a full body requires 55 mins. However if you have more than one issue in a particular area or require a pre event massage then the time scales may need to be adjusted (and therefore cost more or less). This will be determined between you and the therapist before your treatment begins.

Contact a therapist for more information.   

After Care 

In the hours following your treatment..

DO - drink plenty of water

DO - stay relaxed and keep warm

Do NOT - consume a heavy meal

Do NOT - smoke or drink large amounts of alcohol

What to Expect?

After a massage it is possible to have the following symptoms, particularly if it is for the first time. 

- stiffness, aching muscles, tiredness
- frequent visits to the toilet
- runny nose / coughing
- headache

Your body is repairing and disposing of unwanted toxins. It is important to drink plenty of water directly after the massage and the rest of the day to flush metabolic waste from the tissues. 


-Stretching Sheets